Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hang vs. Hung

Hang means to suspend from above, attach to a wall, droop, or fold in a specific way.
  • Example: Will you please hang the painting four feet from the ceiling? When you finish with that, please hang the drapes over the windows.
Hung is the past tense of hang. However, hanged is also the past tense.

And therein lies the confusion. The most common mistake regarding these two past tenses comes when talking about the act of killing someone and describing the private parts of a man. Hanged is always used to describe how someone died. Hung always refers to the private parts of a man.
  • Example: The executioner hanged the criminal at midnight yesterday. (versus) He told the girl at the bar that he was her ideal man because he was well hung.
Memorization tip: The man was hanged because he was hung. With his best friend's wife he had way too much fun


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